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Avoiding Video/Audio Recording Issues for Screenings - Recommendations

Webcam and microphone quality vary per user, as does Internet connect speed. Read more about how candidates can test these prior to starting a screening.

Before a candidate begins a screening that includes a Record Video part or Play and Record Video part) we recommend testing their audio/video quality and Internet connection to ensure a smooth capture of their responses. Here's how to run these tests: 


Step 1

To check video/audio quality - go to https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/results. 


Step 2

Click on this button:   


Step 3

Once the test results are available, scroll down to the Connectivity to OpenTok Servers heading. All four options should have a green check mark. 

connectivity to opentok servers example

Step 4

Next, scroll down to the Expected Call Quality Heading. The video and audio quality should be "(Excellent)" and the video and audio packet loss should be 0%. 

expected call quality

Step 5

To check for Internet connection quality head to speedtest.net


Step 6

Click on this button: 

go button from speedtest.net

Step 7

After some time, results will display (example below). 

speedtest results example

800px x 100px STEP EIGHTRe run the test a few more times by clicking on the "GO" button. Use the lowest speeds returned for each metric to compare to ideal speeds. For the screening, here are the ideal speeds: 

DOWNLOAD 🔻 5 or more Mbps
UPLOAD 🔺 3 or more Mbps


⚠️If your audio/video quality and/or Internet connection speed does not meet the levels mentioned you may need to use another computer or move to a location that has a better Internet connection to take the screening.