Having Issues with the uSked app?

Please follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. Uninstall the uSked app.

2. From the App Store (if using iPhone) or Play Store (if using Android) search for "uSked" and download the the app the same way you would any other app.


3. Open the app. Tap on the down arrow next to Organization(s), then tap Add a New       Organization.       

                     Add a New Organization - App

4. Enter the organization database name for the organization that you use uSked with.  Then tap Add.

Note: The organization database name will be the same as your uSked portal url (minus the ".usked.com" part of the url).

Ex. if the portal url is "global.usked.com" the organization database name for the app would be "global."

                 Enter the organization database name
5. Select the organization you just added from the list. Then, enter your username and       password. Finally, tap Login
*If you forgot your username and/or password follow these steps
                   Organization and log in info filled out

If you are still experiencing issues with the app after following these steps please submit a support ticket at https://support.usked.com/kb-tickets/new.