How to Search for Assignments


Step 1

To see what jobs are available, begin by clicking “Scheduling” from the main menu bar, then “Search Posted Service Requests” from the drop-down menu.

search posted service requests path
Step 2

All of the available posted service requests are displayed here. You can filter which jobs you see by changing the “Start Date” and “End Date” time range, searching a keyword in “Filter Terms” and telling Ūsked whether or not to “Ignore My Availability Settings.”

search posted service requests filter
Step 3
If there is a posted service request that interests you, but you would like more information, click on the magnifying glass icon. A new page will open with more details about the assignment.
posted request details
Step 4

If there is a posted service request that you would like to express interest in, click on the thumbs up icon. You will see this message:

thank you for your interest in the service request system alert


Please contact the individual or organization coordinating your sign up with Ūsked.