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Users Not Receiving Emails?

Service providers and clients not receiving emails sent from your uSked site? Read more to find out what could be blocking them.

Do you have the uSked server IP address added to your SPF record? 

You must have a valid SPF record in your domain name configuration, that includes the uSked server IP address, in order to inform mail services around the world that the uSked server is allowed to send mail on your organization's behalf. If you do not do this, messages sent in uSked could be treated as spam or silently discarded by the user's email provider. 

What if I'm not sure?

Go here, enter your domain name (ex. "globalcompany.com"), and select SPF Record Lookup

domain name spf lookup 6.26.2020

Then look at the results. Do you have a valid SPF record and does it include "ip4:" If not, contact your IT administrator to resolve. 

ip 6.26.2020valid spf 6.26.2020

What do I add to my SPF record? 

To allow our server to send emails on your behalf add "ip4:" to your SPF record. The appropriate SPF record will look similar to the following:

v=spf1 ip4: include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all


Who can change my SPF record?

This is something your IT administrator, or whoever manages your domain, would need to change. uSked is unable to make these changes for you. 

Why can't I just have the user white list the email address? 

That may work if the email was coming from your company directly, but emails from uSked are coming from the uSked server and are sent on behalf of your company's email address. The only way to give uSked server that permission is to update your SPF record for any domain that you have listed as From in uSked email templates.