How to Upload Paperwork

how to upload paperwork

Step 1

Visit Your Account > Paperwork


your paperwork path
Step 2
Locate the paperwork that you would like to upload under "Optional Paperwork."
Then select "Add Paperwork."
add optional paperwork
Step 3
Add the Effective Date from the document (date signed or issued) and the Expiration Date if applicable (Ex. National Certification, Seasonal Flu Shot, Health: Proof of negative TB test, Misc: Certificate of Insurance). 
Once you've filled everything out, select Upload a File.
effective date expiration date upload a file
Step 4
Click Choose File, select the document to upload from your computer, then click Upload File.
choose file for paperwork then upload
Step 5
Select "Ok" in the System Alerts box that pops up. 
file has been uploaded paperwork system alert
Step 6
Verify the information you just entered is correct and click Save Changes
verify all other paperwork info then save changes
Step 7
Click "Ok" in the System Alerts box that pops up. 
Your document has now been uploaded and is ready to be verified by the organization. 
the service provider paperwork has been created system alert


Please contact the individual or organization coordinating your sign up with Ūsked.