How to Manage Invoices

Find out how to add assignments to invoices, how invoices are submitted, and how to access past invoices.

Any invoice that has at least one billable object added to it is automatically submitted by Ūsked at midnight the day after the "invoice by date" of the current pay period. So, all you need to do is make sure to add assignments to your invoice by the end of the "invoice by date" for that pay period and the system will take care of the submission. 

Adding assignments to an invoice

From the Ūsked web portal

Step 1

  Once logged into your Ūsked portal, navigate to: Billing Invoice Assignments.

Invoice Assignments Path

Step 2

Click on: Add Assignments to an Invoice.

Add Assignments to Invoice button
Step 3

You will see the jobs you've worked – next to each job you want to invoice for you can select Add this to your invoice OR  you can add all of them by selecting Select All Invoice-able Service Requests from the bottom of the page.

add this to your invoice 5.13.2020

Step 4
Click on: Add the Selected Service Requests to Your Invoice.
add the selected service requests to your invoice 5.13.2020

From the Ūsked app

 Step 1
Once logged into the app, tap on the Ūsked icon in the upper left corner to open the menu. 
Step 2
Tap: Manage Invoices
manage invoices from app 5.13.2020
Step 3
Tap: Add more Jobs
add more jobs from app 5.13.2020
Step 4
Select any jobs you'd like to add to the invoice and then tap Add Selected OR if you'd like to add all eligible jobs to the invoice tap Add all.
Add all or some from app 5.13.2020

Looking for past invoices? 

From the Ūsked web portal:

To find past invoices, go to Billing > Invoice Assignments and change the Start Date and End Date to an earlier window of time and click Search. You can also narrow down your search by changing the Submitted and Paid filters.
Finding past invoices search

From the Ūsked app: 

To find past invoices, open the menu and tap on Manage Invoices. Your current invoice will show up by default. To get to old invoices simply swipe right from the invoice amount white area. 

swipe to see old invoices 5.13.2020


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