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uSked App - Customer View

Demo of the uSked App from the Customer perspective

Just as with service providers, once logged in, customers are immediately taken to the home screen.

Swiping across the top will allow the customer to view their past and future service requests. Tapping on any of these assignments will take us to the Service Request Details screen, which houses all information and details pertinent to the request. 

Within the Calendar function, we have the option of month view or agenda view. We can tap the days in the month view to see requests or see them listed through the agenda view. 

Now, we’ll cover how to quickly request services. We’ve found that it’s much more efficient for customers to feed in their own requests. We no longer have to go back and forth with the customer until all the necessary information is gathered. This saves everybody time.

Let’s select Create Service Request from the menu and follow the prompts. 

Conveniently all locations, points of contact, and file attachments are all stored in a way that can be reused across multiple service requests, saving the customer time when creating a request. 

Lists, such as the audience sizes and dress codes, are completely customizable.  You decide what you want to have in those lists based on what makes the most sense for you and your customers.

Here is the job that we just created.

Should a customer decide to cancel a service request, they would simply tap on the “Cancel” icon and type in the reason for the cancellation. 

uSked also has a built in feature that allows customers to quickly provide feedback about a request. When working with many customers and service providers, receiving feedback is critical to ensure service quality. The customer can simply tap on Give Feedback, type their comments in the space provided and then hit Submit. 

That concludes the rundown from the customer perspective. Thanks for watching and for your interest in uSked!