Getting Started with the uSked App


Step 1

Depending on your phone, visit either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. The uSked app is available on both.

Search for uSked and download the the app the same way you would any other app.

Step 2

Note: Before you can log into the uSked app, you must first contact the organization you will be using uSked through to get the organization database name (the part of the uSked portal url before "")

Ex. if the portal url is "" the organization database name for the app would be "globalinterpreting."

Once downloaded, open the app. Tap on the down arrow next to Organization(s), then tap "Add a New Organization."        
Step 3

      Enter the organization database name that was provided to you. Then tap “Add." 

Step 4

 Select the organization you just added from the list. Then, enter in the username and       password provided to you. Finally, tap "Login." 

Once logged in, review the quick tutorials to familiarize yourself with the various features the app has to offer. 


                                                                    The App in Action



Please contact the individual or organization coordinating your sign up with uSked.