How to Add Your Availability for Assignments

Want schedulers to know when you are available and when you aren't? Read more to find out how to enter your availability in uSked.

Step 1

Once you are logged into the uSked web portal for the organization you use uSked with, go to Your Account > Your Service Provider Preferences

your service provider preferences path 7.15.2020

Step 2

From the Available Dates & Times tab, click on Add an Available Date & Time

add an av date and time 7.15.2020

Step 3

AVAILABILITY: For this example, let's say we are available Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 5pm, except for holidays for August-November 2020. 

From the Available Dates & Times tab, select Workdays and then enter in the start/end dates and times, as below: 

workdays av 7.15.2020

Here are the filter options:

  • Workdays - Mondays through Fridays, except for holidays
  • Weekends - Saturdays and Sundays
  • Holidays - Holidays, as defined by the organization
  • Any Day - Every day, including weekends and holidays, that may fall within the selected date range

NOTE: If you'd like to set the times for the date range to be the full day, select 12AM for both the From Time and To Time filter to cover the full 24 hour time period of all dates that fall between the start/end date range.

Step 4

UNAVAILABILITY: For this example, let's say we are going on vacation from August 20-25, 2020 so we want to let schedulers know that we are not available for assignments during this time.

From the Unavailable Dates & Times tab, select Any Day and then enter in the start/end dates and times, as below: 

unavailability example 7.15.2020

NOTE: Unavailable dates/times will trump the available dates/times. For the examples above, the unavailability entered for August 20-25 will override the availability you entered to cover this time and you will be shown as unavailable.


Step 5

Once you've entered any availability or unavailability needed, select Save Changes

save changes 7.15.2020


What if I want to let schedulers know I'm available ALL THE TIME? 

No need to enter in any availability or unavailability then. If nothing is set then the system will show you as available 24 hours a day, every day. 

Will I receive email blasts for new assignments when I'm "unavailable?"

Nope - you will not receive email blasts during this time.